Refer A Friend

Every customer who creates an account on our website will have access to a 'Referred Friends' page which contains a link (URL) unique to each customer which, when clicked, leads to our website’s homepage:

To participate in the scheme you would need to copy this URL and send it to your friends and family who you are recommending to purchase from Candle Spa.

When the friend who has been sent the URL link uses it to visit our website’s home page (, a cookie (a small piece of data used to track a user’s behaviour on a website) will be placed on their computer by the web browser, so any purchases they make on our website can be tracked.

Once the referred friend makes a purchase on our website, the customer, who sent them the URL, will then be rewarded with 50 Reward Points (worth £5.00) into their account. Additionally, the friend who has been referred and placed an order within one year of receiving the URL link, will receive a cash discount of £5.00 off their first order.